Some postal themed blogs…

Here are several postal themed blogs I’ve found, but not all post regularly.

Lost Art Revived, Crafty Snail Mail, Letter Writing, Pen Pals, and Paper Crafting.
This blogger has not posted in some time, but it is worth a look through past posts to see all the photos of creative envelopes and stationery! This blogger also has an etsy store where she sells letter writing kits.

Mrs Murphy’s Mailbox Magic! A blog that celebrates all things postal.
This blogger shares various mail related thoughts and ideas. A recent post is about books and letters, and states “Most of the postal people I correspond with are also book people. It must be the sheer love of words.”
– I too love books! How about you?

Paper Pastries. This blog is actually for a brick and mortar store in California. Look on google for the location and some great photos. The store sells paper related goodies – stationery, rubber stamps, pens, etc. You can shop online too. A recent blog post interviews someone about their rubber stamp collection.
– Not all pen pals are into rubber stamps but I am. I’ve stamped for 20 plus years, and have gone through phases of more or less stamping. Right now I am in a “more” phase!

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