My name is Laura. When I self-published a print newsletter (years ago) about the postal pen pal hobby, it had a motto. The motto began “Phones, pagers, e-mails, ICQ chat…” but technology has advanced since then. Here is an edited and updated statement:

“Cell-phones, texts, e-mail, facebook…Is the march of technology moving you towards paperless communication? Be different. Take a step or two back and enjoy the rich heritage that paper continues to give us. There is a leisure and emotional luxury to handwritten letter writing. There is time to think and consider what you want to write, instead of feeling ambushed or rushed as you might with a phone call or text. Experience once again the joy of anticipation, as you mail – and then patiently wait – for a letter to arrive! Although we don’t deny some of the benefits of modern technology, Postman’s Treasure is dedicated to the time honored tradition of postal letter writing.”

-On this blog, I plan to have posts on various aspects of letter writing and utilizing the postal system. See my very first post (Postal Pen Pals) to read more about my “history” of being a postal mail fan.

-FYI…I have another blog, Enough Light, about Christianity.

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