Mailing postcards around the world

I enjoy international travel, and I still write and mail postcards. Here are some postal related photos of Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Ireland. I don’t mail as many postcards as I used to. Years ago, I usually mailed a minimum of 20-25 postcards. Now I mail around a dozen. I don’t receive near as many postcards either anymore, as so many share their photos on social media. There is something to be said for tangible postcards though! Mail some on your next vacation! When in Finland, I was able to meet a pen pal that I have written since 1995.

Mailing postcards in Iceland.

Mailing postcards in Estonia.

In cobblestone “old Rauma” in Finland, the mail is delivered by bicycle. The mailboxes were this bright yellow color in Finland and said posti.

A quaint mailbox in the Finnish countryside.

Mailing postcards in Dublin, Ireland.

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