How to Make Your Own Stamps & Stickers — A Farm Girl’s Life


Hello, dears! I recently discovered how easy it is to make your own stamps and use them to decorate all sorts of things – wrapping paper, envelopes, stickers, etc. I decided to make a tutorial for you guys so you can enjoy it too! This is a great craft to do with younger kids. I used […]

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Losing our Letters — Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D.


Douglas Groothuis is a Christian philosopher and apologist, but he has posts about letter writing! Here is his latest! What do we lose when we exchange email—or incessant cell phone chatter—for the sending and receiving of letters? 

Amazing as it may seem to many of us now, human beings wrote letters to each other before the arrival of electronic mail. My mother did. Along with her letters (sometimes typed on a typewriter, sometimes in longhand), she sent me clippings from another print medium that is in jeopardy—the local newspaper. She sent clippings […]

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Epistle as writing practice — Ann E Michael


– I’m sharing this post with you from another wordpress blogger … about a benefit of letter writing that the younger generation is missing.  And I save old letters too!

I am often asked by my peers why “young people” do not come to college with exemplary writing skills. Because I feel protective of my students, I wish to defend them–not always an easy task. My first response is that they have not had enough practice in writing to develop adequate fluency, and I generally […]

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Fun & Creative Pen Pal Ideas — A Farm Girls Life


I am “re-blogging” this great post from another wordpress blogger.

Hello, dears! My last pen pal post, “The Ultimate List of Pen Pal Ideas,” was super popular, so here I am with more ideas! Apparently that list wasn’t ultimate after all. 😛 Today I’m going to give you suggestions for how to take your letters from a one-page weather report to the highlight of your […]

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