Memo holder for your desk

My husband does woodworking as a hobby, and I had him make eight “memo holders” to give as gifts. (But I kept two!) While called a “memo holder” you could use one to hold whatever…a photo, outgoing mail, incoming mail, a recipe card, etc. The right back one has a “moat” around it that I thought could be decorative or practical. I put acorns in it, but you could use it on your desk for paper clips. Here you see six of them:

Woodworking and pen pals

My husband does woodworking as a hobby, and several of his friends too. Woodworkers can make things of interest to pen pal enthusiasts, such as “turn” (use a lathe) to make wood pens. Here is such a pen:

Woodworkers can also combine wood and epoxy to “turn” interesting bowls. A friend of ours made this bowl featuring broken colored pencils. I love it! There are two woods (on top and bottom): maple and lace-wood, with the colored pencils in epoxy in the middle. This would look nice sitting on a desk or in your office/craft area, and could store some items.