A waterlogged letter!

After being a pen pal for about 36 years…a first. I opened my mailbox and saw a letter from a pen friend in Australia. I could tell by the “wrinkly” look of the envelope that it had gotten wet at some point in the postal journey. At first, I was not concerned as the envelope was dry and intact.

But as I opened it, it became clear that the letter had not just gotten a few raindrops on it, but had been totally soaked or submerged in water! The letter was written on a note card and stationery paper, which was wrinkly, and the ink was totally smeared/smudged and unreadable as a result. Some paper nature images enclosed in the letter were all wrinkly too. The one surviving item, without any damage, was a laminated bookmark! The lamination had made it waterproof.

Over the years I have received a rare ripped or torn letter in the mail, but never one damaged by water. How about you??

By my mailbox…

We recently had unusual snowy weather in South Carolina and the snow stayed on the ground several days! Typically, when we get a little snow, it melts the next day because it warms up. This time it stayed cold, and I enjoyed seeing snow out my window for a few days in a row. I grew up in Buffalo, NY where we got LOTS of snow, but I’ve lived in SC about 25 years now where our winters are mild. Here is a photo of me by my mailbox.

Special “mailboxes” for bird watchers at a state park

Recently I vacationed at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. This park is popular with bird watchers, as the coastal marshlands attract a variety of coastal birds. (Alligators too!) There were two “mailboxes” for birdwatchers to record in a notebook their bird sightings. Photos below. I put mailboxes in quotes because while these technically are mailboxes, they are not for postal mail but for “bird notes.”

Mice, snakes, bugs…oh my…mailbox peril

Awhile back I posted about a relative of mine who shared a photo of a note the mailman left for them – It said “You have something living in your mailbox!”  Mice had taken up residence in their mailbox. Apparently it has happened before. It is rural delivery and a colder area of the US, so I am not surprised that little critters such as mice might be looking for a warm place.

Recently I saw this on my local news site: Snake on a mailbox halts mail delivery until it’s relocated.  Apparently, the small snake was living in ivy beneath the mailbox and went on top of the mailbox to get some sun. A few weeks ago we found a couple flying stinging bugs (I forget whether it was a bee or wasp or what) in our mailbox. We got them out so they would not startle or sting the mailman. I wonder how these bugs (and the mice actually) got in the mailbox, but little critters can get through very small spots. And occasionally, we will find our mailbox lid open. Have you ever encountered such surprises at your mailbox?

Checking the mailbox…again!

A few years ago a pen pal clipped this cartoon and sent it to me. You should be able to click on it to enlarge it. It is soooo me!! Yes, I admit, I have been known to check the mailbox more than once a day.

No mail today? It can’t be! I’ll check again.

We had a letter carrier for a while who would neglect to get some of your mail in your box the first time, and she would come a second time, shortly thereafter, with it. So, hey, there may be legitimate reasons to check the box twice! You never know!

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