Mailboxes and mail carriers and snow

We don’t get snow like this where I live now, but we did in the northeast U.S.A. where I grew up. This meme (below) shows thoughtfulness for the mail man!

With these curbside mailboxes, the mail man drives and can put the mail in the box from his driver’s seat. Where I live now (southeast), this type of mailbox – at the curb/street – is very common, even in town, in residential neighborhoods with many houses. Where I grew up, this type of mailbox you saw mostly in rural areas. In town, the mailboxes were attached to your house – either on the front porch or your front door had a mail slot – and thus the mail man walked from house to house carrying a bag of mail.

* P.S. I suppose calling this person the “mail man” is outdated, but it is still what comes to mind. Other options would be: mail carrier, postal carrier, mail woman, mail man, etc.

When I visited Finland, I got to see a mail woman that delivered the mail via bicycle. See here.

Mice, snakes, bugs…oh my…mailbox peril

Awhile back I posted about a relative of mine who shared a photo of a note the mailman left for them – It said “You have something living in your mailbox!”  Mice had taken up residence in their mailbox. Apparently it has happened before. It is rural delivery and a colder area of the US, so I am not surprised that little critters such as mice might be looking for a warm place.

Recently I saw this on my local news site: Snake on a mailbox halts mail delivery until it’s relocated.  Apparently, the small snake was living in ivy beneath the mailbox and went on top of the mailbox to get some sun. A few weeks ago we found a couple flying stinging bugs (I forget whether it was a bee or wasp or what) in our mailbox. We got them out so they would not startle or sting the mailman. I wonder how these bugs (and the mice actually) got in the mailbox, but little critters can get through very small spots. And occasionally, we will find our mailbox lid open. Have you ever encountered such surprises at your mailbox?