Stickers, stickers, stickers

My last post mentioned the 1980’s sticker collecting craze, which was how I really got involved in the pen pal hobby. I kept collecting stickers into the 1990’s. My collection was large and I carefully stored them. In the mid 2000’s, I somehow discovered that 1980’s stickers were selling well on ebay – primarily the roll stickers. I started posting my beloved stickers for sale, and in the end I made over $1,500!

Sometimes there were bidding wars over my stickers, and I even got people contacting me about privately purchasing certain stickers (you are not suppose to do that). Most of my stickers were in mint/new condition, and I also had desirable ones – such as roll stickers from Lisa Frank, Illuminations, Cardesign, and SMELLY (scratch-n-sniff) ones.

I sold off most of them, but kept a little box with a sampling of my stickers or certain special ones. Recently I decided to get the box out. Four stickers of one type fell off their backing (having lost their stick) from age. Oh no! Which is one reason I decided to sell my stickers back then – before this started happening to them.

Here are some photos, and another disclaimer, that I am not very good (and get easily frustrated) taking photos of objects/things as opposed to scenery/people.

The first 3 photos show you all the stickers. You will notice: Illuminations, Hambly Studios, California Dreamers, Cardesign, Lisa Frank, Sandylion, Stewart Daniels, AA Graphics, Boxed-In, CTP, and other random ones. I saved a group of stickers from various companies related to Halley’s Comet in 1986, Garfield ones from the 1984 Olympic Games, and 3 Hallmark sticker sheets too. The last photo is a group of really early Illuminations stickers (1979, 1980) when the sticker collecting craze was in its infancy.

Stickers lost their popularity for a while but seemed to return when the scrapbooking craze started. Even now, craft stores have an aisle of stickers, however, they somehow just aren’t the same to me as 1980’s stickers!




I did not save any Mrs. Grossman stickers but I did have plenty of them. The blogger over at Paper Pastries had a post last year about visiting the Mrs. Grossman sticker factory in California. Yes, it is still there, making stickers, and the store has many roll stickers!!! Wow – time warp back to the 1980’s!

Vintage 1983 stickers with a letter writing theme

Take a look at these vintage (Hallmark, 1983) stickers with a postal letter writing theme! Remember these Hallmark sticker sheets that came 4 sheets to a pack? There was such a variety of designs and themes over the years. At one point, I had dozens and dozens, as I was an avid sticker collector in the 1980’s and into the 90’s too.

These “Inkblot” ones are great! –  “So write, already!”