Pen/writing themed rubber stamps

I recently found a bag full of wood block rubber stamps for $4.00 at a local consignment shop. This stamp alone made it worthwhile!

The wood block had no identifying info such as a company or artist. It could be that it was self mounted onto the block.

How to “interpret” this wonderful stamp? Our words by pen or pencil and the postal service fly places? Our words can fly to the future if our letter is preserved? Etc.

This stamp looked best with pigment ink. The dye ink did not work as well.

The other stamps on this envelope are ones I already had. The ink bottle is by 100 Proof Press, and the fountain pen nib by Stampin’ Up. (I am NOT an affiliate, so if you follow a link there is no benefit for me.)

Rubber stamped cards

Here are some cards I recently rubber stamped, but I am not so good at photographing objects. Hopefully, you get the general idea, despite shadows on some.  I share these partly for my own future reference, for ideas when I stamp in the future. I am a simpler stamper, and not interested in more advanced technique or more involved steps.

Who could you remember with a card?

I’ve not been keeping up with my letter writing to pen friends during this pandemic as well as I should be, and that would be another post! But I have been doing other types of communicating with cards and notes by post (or hand delivery) to others.

Earlier in the pandemic I made an effort to mail out cards to various friends, family, and acquaintances – just to be friendly and communicate in a more personal way, when people were first stuck at home more.

Also, prior to this pandemic, I had a ministry at a nursing home, where I led a church service for the old folks (I am a lay preacher). The nursing home has been closed to visitors and outside groups coming in, and still is. There are 61 residents, and back in May, I took 61 greeting cards there. Forty I made with my rubber stamps, and the other 21 were not handmade but I did embellish these cards to make them more personal. I was able to utilize some excess card making material I had on hand, so that was good – as some had been in my drawers too long!

I dropped the cards off at the nursing home, and they were distributed a couple days later. As a precaution, the cards had to sit a couple days first.

Now in August, I took 61 cards again, and also took word search puzzle books and some body washes. This time I purchased cards from Current. Remember Current? I’d actually not thought of Current in years, as they were more popular years ago, but they are still in business! I got a variety of card packs for a reasonable price. On each envelope I rubber stamped a couple images. Photos below. On the envelopes in May, I rubber stamped a typewriter image and wrote hello on the paper in the typewriter.

If you forgot about Current, or maybe never heard of them, here is the link: CURRENT. I just noticed their website says they have been in business 70 years.

It put a smile on my face to see they still sell the cute critter cards from years ago! I’ll put an image of these cards below too.

When I placed my card order it said there would be a mailing delay due to the pandemic, but they arrived faster than anticipated, so that was great!

Rubber stamps related to snail mail

I’m blogging more than usual, so if you’ve not been here in a while, you may want to take a quick scroll down to peruse recent posts.

Last post featured photos of the desks in my hobby room. Here are some pictures of my rubber stamps. This clear case sits on one of my desks. I also have more stamps in a desk drawer and in several small decorative boxes.Here is an up close of rubber stamps related to the mail and writing:

The above stamps are from here and there, acquired in various ways and from different sellers. The below photo is stamps that came together as a set. I bought them on etsy. I love these, especially the “long live snail mail” ones! I keep them in an old cigar box, as you might be able to deduce. See them HERE on etsy. My only initial compliant with this stamp set is when I got them they had a horrible, very strong rubber odor. It filled the room! Slowly the odor lessened, and finally went away. I have bought stamps since the 1990’s and never encountered this unpleasant odor issue before.
NOTE: I am NOT an affiliate or anything like that. There is no benefit to me if you click on the links I sometimes provide in a post.

Pen pal themed cards

As I always emphasize, I am a simple stamper. Here are 3 cards I made with a writing or pen pal theme.

I love the globe I got last year and the accompanying “what in the world have you been up to?”

The card next to it features a fountain pen stamp. I like how it has a floral design.The other stamp features a pile of papers/mail/ink. I like the antique look of this stamp! The cats in the mailbox was from a calendar.

Books and cats? Well, maybe this is not a pen pal theme, but as a pen pal for many years, it seems that pen pals are often avid readers too. Although not necessarily cat lovers! haha.

The editor of a pen pal publication I received years ago thought that pen pals tend to be introverts, and I think she is right. Certainly not all pen pals fit this mold, but it makes sense that more “solitary” activities like writing and reading would appeal to certain personality types more than others. FYI…I am definitely an introvert and have always loved reading and writing.

Halloween cards and postage stamps

I rubber stamped some cards to match the USPS jack-o-lantern postage stamps. You did not know there were Halloween stamps? You miss a lot if you never peruse the stamps available on the USPS web site, or if you only say “give me a book of stamps” at your local post office. More thoughts here.

Here is a photo of 3 cards I made, and you can also see the jack-o-lantern stamps. The cat pictures came from the back side of wall calendars. The back side of a wall calendar often features a small image of the picture for each month, so you can see what you are getting before you purchase the calendar. I also re-use the monthly calendar pages to make envelopes. More details here.

Rubber stamped cards to match the USPS scratch-n-sniff popsicle stamps

I rubber stamped a set of cards to coordinate with the USPS scratch-n-sniff popsicle postage stamps. See the photo, for the cards and postage stamps. I’ll decorate the envelopes too. Note I am a simpler rubber stamper, and don’t like any stamping that is too complicated or time consuming. In these cards, some of the paper backgrounds are recycled – I will save a card or other random paper items if I think it would be good for paper layering.