Poems, quotes about the joys of letter writing

Mailbox Friends, by Flossie Wagner

I welcome Monday morning!
Perhaps some mail will come.
I hope I get a letter – I don’t care who it’s from.
I’m tired of bills and gimmicks,
Right now I need a lift.
And friendship from the mailbox
Is one of God’s greatest gifts!

“A letter is never ill timed; it never interrupts. Instead it waits for us to find the opportune minute, the quiet moment to savor the message. There is an element of timelessness about letter writing; we are reminded of Jane Austen’s novels and a more gracious way of life. Letter writing is that sweet surrender of time and place that allows us to recapture the essence of particular closeness, when we recount shared memories of special times and special people who have so enriched our lives.”  – from Friend to Friend: Letters Only a Woman Could Write by Lois Wyse

“Smell, touch, handwriting…e-mail eliminates all of these wonderful aspects of the traditional love letter. You can read, but you cannot live the letter. Can your recipient peruse an e-mail printed out from the office and chuckle at the creativity based on the way you dot your  i’s? Can he or she be reminded of your special scent, even days after your last meeting, from a letter dabbed with your signature fragrance? Leave a lasting impression, one that will be all the more cherished in this electronic age, by composing a love letter from the heart…” – from Romancing the Past, Volume II, Issue 1, spring 2002

“In an age of e-mail, voicemail, and other forms of instant yet distant communication, a handwritten note stands out. It says you’ve taken the time to sit down, pick up a pen, and think carefully about what you want to say – after all, there’s no delete key. Your personality shines through, and so does your thoughtfulness.” – In the Marshall Fields print catalog around 2004

Snail Mail (seen on a notecard) :

E-mail rushes to and fro
Since paper letters seem too slow,
But we prefer the status quo;
This card was sent by esacrago

“E-mail has no whiff of romance. While I know it can be exciting to exchange cyberspace sentiments, it takes away from the intimacy of handwriting, the suspense of waiting. E-mail is great for immediate gratification, but there is something about anticipation that’s nice, too.” –  Judy Miler, ABC news