Letters from exactly 100 years ago, including photos

I have two other blogs, one about Christianity which is my primary blog, and a recently started genealogy blog. I have some content overlap. Recent posts on my other blogs could also interest those who read Postman’s Treasure.

For now, I will direct you to a post on my genealogy blog:

Letters from exactly 100 years ago, including photos

View postal letters written in 1918 and 1919 between two friends about 20 years old. Also learn about a unique post office called Whitney Crossings, which was located at the Garwoods railway station in Alleghany County, NY.

Antique postcards with letter writing theme

Below are 3 postcards from my grandmother’s postcard collection. The various postcards in her scrapbook date from around 1905 – 1918. I picked these 3 out to share because each has a letter writing theme. You should be able to click on them to view them bigger.

Sorry if the photos of objects on this blog are not the best. Taking photos of things, versus scenery or people, does not seem to be my forte.


A Christmas postcard from 1913

I’m planning a series of antique postal mail posts. For now, here is a Christmas postcard mailed to my grandmother Leota VanScoter on December 19, 1913. She was 15 years old. Postage was one cent. In case you can’t read the message:
Dear Leota, Just received the fine Xmas card you sent me. I haven’t heard from you in a year. I have a new fountain pen. Worley (?? can’t quite make out the name)

I think this Santa is…a bit…creepy!