Patience is a good pen pal…

Any of my readers still out there? I have not blogged regularly in a long while. Between mid-August and early November I wrote none of my pen pals. I just had a lot of things occupying my time, and when I did have some time, I had no energy to write. I felt bad for keeping my pen friends waiting, as they are friends to me. But my pen pals have been very understanding!

One wrote back: “Don’t worry about not answering promptly all the time. My promptness varies.”

Another wrote back: “Write when you can…we all get busy or lazy or stressed.”

I appreciated these patient and understanding pen friends!


5 thoughts on “Patience is a good pen pal…

  1. Well, we do know life/events get in the way. It isn’t as if we have a contract to reply to letters in a certain amount of time. Though perhaps it is nice to hear from people sooner rather than later, especially if a person is new to the pastime. On a snailmail forum, someone said to absolve each other from all the “penpal guilt”

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    • Thanks for your comment Mia! Yes, I was feeling some “penpal guilt” and was glad my penpals did not make me feel bad in any way.

      On a related note, I once had a penpal who had a full page sheet that was actually a bit like a contract (!!) where you agreed to various things, like sending cards for a whole list of holidays. You could check what holidays you wanted to participate in, and this pen pal apparently kept records. If you forgot to send her a card for the holiday you said you would, she held you to it. She actually stopped writing me b/c I failed to send a card. I must say I was GLAD to lose this penpal!!!!!!

      To me, sending a card, should be from the heart – not something dictated, or else!


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