Update on the waterlogged letter

My last post in April was about a waterlogged letter I received from Australia. I’ve since heard from this pen pal, and she told me that another international pal (besides me) also informed her that her letter arrived waterlogged. AND my pen pal says that she herself has received 4 waterlogged letters. It appears that this is happening on the Australia side.  My pen pal mentioned flooding in her area of Australia. I can understand a few raindrops getting on a letter, but the letter I got appeared to have been totally soaked – submerged in water.

Thankfully all my other letters to and from pen pals are coming and going just fine – dry and intact! Perhaps one lesson is to use pens with waterproof ink? In my last post, I explained that the waterlogged letter was un-readable due to the smeared ink. If not for that, I still could have read it even though the paper itself was “wrinkly” from water.

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