Send out Christmas cards this year!

I’ve never stopped sending Christmas cards by post to friends and family. Even in an age of social media, e-mail, texting (and the like) a Christmas card – especially with a brief handwritten note – is more personal and can bring a better sense of connection with another.

I think modern tech can make us lazy. We get accustomed to communicating with “everyone at once” – That is, posting an update on social media for all to see, or sending a group text or e-mail, and we communicate less with individuals. Yet, folks can still feel isolated and lonely despite all this communicating. I’ve read articles highlighting this – a personal touch is lost.

Particularly with the difficult year 2020 has been, make an effort to send out Christmas cards! Touch base with old friends or family you have been out of touch with. Send a card to those you have only “group” communicated with. Give neighbors a card. Remember anyone elderly in your life. Etc.

Write a note or brief letter with the card – share your news, but inquire about them too. While it is not necessary, you could get creative and decorate the envelope. This could be as simple as putting some holiday themed stickers on it, or rubber stamping or using washi tape. Send a real photo of yourself or your family. Wow – a tangible, developed photo rather than a digital photo shared on social media or text.

Help folks remember the pleasures of the post – the tangible and personal nature of a card in the mail – this Christmas.

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