My postal scale

This is my digital postal scale that I’ve had since the late 1990’s. I think it was a gift from my husband. It still works great. The only small problem is a little dark blob in the left side of the digital area, but it does not interfere with seeing the weight.

A postal scale is so very worthwhile, as I can keep adding things to the envelope until I max out the weight for up to 1 ounce! (Many pen pals like to enclose things with their letters. See here.) Or if I am knowingly going over an ounce, I can add the additional ounce stamp. I always keep a variety of stamp denominations on hand, so I can try to get exactly or close to the amount of postage needed. Truly, a digital postal scale can help you be frugal, and get the most for your money when sending enclosures.

After using a postal scale for years, I’ve actually gotten pretty good at accurately guessing weight myself! I may not get it exactly right, but can tell – for example – that “this is on the edge for a first-class stamp” – and when I weigh it, it is .9, 1, or 1.1 ounce. Yes, right on the edge.

Anyways, I consider my postal scale an essential item. If it breaks, I will get a new one! Whatever would I do without it?

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