Welcome to my pen pal and paper craft room

I always enjoy when a pen pal or paper crafting blogger shows photos of their desk, craft area, etc. So I thought I’d have a couple such posts. This time, my desks. I am not the best photographer of objects and better at scenery, people, etc. But here they are with descriptions. The first photo was hard to get with the window behind as there were glare issues. I am fortunate to have a room that is mostly mine. It is primarily used for my hobbies and other personal life pursuits, although there are some general household items stored in the room too.

This is my beloved roll top desk that I’ve had for many years, since 1995. It was a gift from my husband when I got my bachelors degree. This is mostly my pen pal desk, but it is also used for some household paperwork. It is generally a bit messy. I can roll down the top to hide the mess! I love all the little slots and small drawers. Much of my stationery, as well as note cards, postcards, envelopes, stickers, and address labels are in this desk.

On the right side of the desk, you can see my digital postal scale. I’ve had it since the late 1990’s, and it still works accurately. It is helpful to be able to weigh letters, and maximize the items I place in a letter without going over the weight limit for a stamp. But I do keep a variety of stamp denominations on hand so I can add extra postage if necessary. (My stamp storage tray in a below photo.)This is my rubber stamp and paper craft desk. The big flat top is a good work space. We got it used from friends who were getting rid of it. It was handmade by someone they knew, and great quality. The cubicle of storage behind (on top) was made by my husband who does woodworking. It is perfect for holding paper items. You’ll see a paper cutter to the right (a gift from my husband), and to the left are my rubber stamps in the clear drawers. I also have rubber stamps in a desk drawer, and the boxes on top have some stamps too. Oh, the world map on the wall behind. We love international travel, and on this map I place a pin on places we have traveled.

This sits on top of a storage chest in the room. I bought it at a shop that sells handcrafted items by artists. It was re-purposed. The artist took this old item, and painted and decorated it. When I saw it, I knew I had to buy it! I am not an impulse buyer and am actually frugal, but when I saw this it was special and very “me.”  My husband agreed! The top is where I put incoming mail from my pen pals. In the two little drawers I have FBs and FB making materials. If you don’t know FBs, see here.

This “mess” (although more organized than it looks!) sits on top of a file cabinet. The first is a glass tray with butterflies/flowers on it, but you can’t see that at present. This tray holds my postage stamps. I have more stamps on hand than usual for a couple reasons, and a big order of stamps I mail ordered from USPS arrived several days ago.

The tray behind holds “tuck ins” for my letters. What’s that? See here where I blogged about it. I dislike sending only a letter (although, of course, letters are the main thing!) and I always look for things to enclose with my letters…postcards, articles, tourist pamphlets, paper ephemera, etc. When I come across anything that is a potential tuck-in, I place it in the tray.

The butterfly magnets on the file cabinet? I made them. I took butterfly stickers, laminated them, and stuck a magnet on back. The butterfly stickers were a dud, they would not stick! So, I decided to do something else with them.

Well, that is all for now. I’ll have another post with several more photos.

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