Would your letter be a ridiculous conversation?

I’ve written a number of posts about letters being a dialogue, not a monologue, and that the pen pal hobby should not just be about “getting mail” but forming friendships.

Here is a simple idea to help you think about what constitutes a “quality” letter:

Think about getting together for coffee with a friend locally. Would you… sit down, say hello, then immediately begin talking non-stop, telling them your news, then abruptly stop, say goodbye, get up, and walk out of the coffee shop?

Of course not!! Right?! That wasn’t even a conversation.

So why would you write a letter in that way?

As you write a letter, think of it as having coffee with a friend. There should be some “back and forth” or dialogue as you write the letter. You share some of your news, then make comments about something they wrote about in their letter to you, back to something in your life, then answer or ask questions, etc. The format does not have to be exactly that, but it is an example.

Try to let the letter flow naturally, like a conversation at the coffee shop.

I may share some of the same things with each pen pal, but each letter develops a bit differently. Just like conversations will play out differently with different local friends, even when you discuss similar things with each one.

So…step back and look at your letters. Would your letters be a ridiculous conversation?

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